Paul Rubin is an expert Hydrologist, Karst Hydrologist, Geologist, and hydrogeologist
Paul Rubin is an expert consultant in Hydrology, Geology, Hydrogeology, and Karst.

Community Character
& Land Use Planning

Existing land use over decades establishes the nature and character of a community (agricultural, rural residential, urban, commercial). Land use planning provides a tool to maintain or change existing use patterns, as well as a means to protect critical areas. When development proposals are inconsistent with existing community character and must be challenged before Planning Boards or other agencies, HydroQuest can help.
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Glamping has become a buzz word for well-to-do individuals seeking a glorified "camping" experience in an outdoor setting. A current work project sought to evaluate whether a large-scale glamping venture is consistent with existing community character in a rural setting established over a century. The proposed development should more aptly be considered as a permanent housing project with the exception of large "tent-like" outer roof and wall material over luxury queen and king-sized beds, floors, furnishings, bathrooms, electricity, and amenities which make the proposed 100 individual "tents" analogous to resort cabins or boutique hotel rooms, albeit located amidst trees. Review of the proposed project shows that it would double the existing living density within a small area and is inconsistent with the existing community character.

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