Paul Rubin is an expert Hydrologist, Karst Hydrologist, Geologist, and hydrogeologist
Paul Rubin is an expert consultant in Hydrology, Geology, Hydrogeology, and Karst.

Cultural Resources Assessment

HydroQuest has assisted land trusts and others in their work to preserve, protect, and better understand historic cultural and archaeological resources. In Rhode Island, this work included documentation of household water supply distribution prior to the advent of well drilling equipment. In Tennessee, a cave water source was determined to be the "foundation" of an early homestead.
Historic Kilns

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While investigating potential water quality impacts stemming from proposed wastewater discharge into Fourth Lake in Rosendale, NY, HydroQuest identified a fascinating hydrogeologic link between lake outflow and historic mills. Except in extreme floodwater conditions, all drainage from Fourth Lake discharges through limestone conduits. Hydrologic monitoring and analysis revealed a minimum water loss of 2 million gallons per day through the bottom of this lake which then surfaces as the headwaters of the Greenkill. It was the continuous lake outflow to this small stream that provided the year-round water power needed to run historic mills that formed the early foundation of our country. This accents the importance of historic context.

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Cultural Resources

Karst water ran mills
that helped found the USA

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Historic Resource protection

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Cultural Resources

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